A year in people #29 – Karl

Yesterday I was hanging out at home, just chilling and had a pang of, well I’m not sure what you’d call it. Not quite homesickness, not quite nostalgia, not quite a pining, I just thought “Awwww, I wish I could just pop and see [my friend] Karl for a cup o tea”. Karl used toContinue reading “A year in people #29 – Karl”

A year in people #19 – Gary

Awkward teenager. That was me. And Gary. He was also an awkward teenager. Not that I realised it, to me he was just my brother’s slightly annoying friend and seemingly quite confident. Unbeknown to me, he had a little crush on me which I found out in a quite spectacular and hugely embarrassing style. For aContinue reading “A year in people #19 – Gary”

A year in people #10 – Paul McDonald

Hot, sweaty and 65km down, I cycled into a campground in Bridport, Tasmania looking for my allocated pitch. Following the instructions, I spotted the clear patch of grass in what was a pretty packed site and pulled up on my bike. It was my first bike trip and I was just getting the hang of it,Continue reading “A year in people #10 – Paul McDonald”

Jonny Marine: Part 3

Continued from Part Two… I was pretty confused. I loved what I had with The Marine but A had made me think too. But I was moving and A wanted more, both from me and from a relationship, and so made the decision for both of us by starting to see someone else. As muchContinue reading “Jonny Marine: Part 3”

Jonny Marine: Part 2

Continued from Part One… Regardless of what it actually was, the fact still remained that we weren’t really together. So I went on to have that perfect week in New Zealand with Johnny #2 and knew things would probably figure themselves out one way or another. And so, less than two weeks after landing backContinue reading “Jonny Marine: Part 2”