A year in people #66 – the project manager

“Where the hell are my clothes?” I thought to myself. I woke up, my head pounding. I opened one eye, and promptly shut it again. Ouch. Uh-oh. That familiar feeling as you realise you’re hungover and you start to piece together what happened before you fell asleep. There was a pub. Drinks. Work colleagues. DefinitelyContinue reading “A year in people #66 – the project manager”

A year in people #58 – the 21 year old

I was 31. There was 10 years between us. We met at work; he was doing some kind of graduate placement. It sounds like some kind of Mrs Robinson thing, and if I’d seen that film I’d be able to comment on whether there were any similarities. As it is, I haven’t, so I can’t.Continue reading “A year in people #58 – the 21 year old”

A year in people #46 – the secret guy at work

You look hot today. I glanced down at my phone, a smile on my face as I read the message. I was working on a project in a different department, and somehow I’d ended up catching the eye of someone who wasn’t part of the team as such, but was in one of the officesContinue reading “A year in people #46 – the secret guy at work”

A year in people #18 – the man who broke my heart (a little bit)

I was infatuated. My god I’d never felt lust like it, you could literally make me go weak at the knees. I don’t know exactly why, I couldn’t pinpoint any particular thing, you just had an effect on me that I’d never felt before, and haven’t quite felt since. We spent months growing close. Friends,Continue reading “A year in people #18 – the man who broke my heart (a little bit)”

Let’s talk dating

Everyone loves a dating post eh?! Especially people who don’t have to do it. Yes, you people revel in living vicariously through us. Of course you do; no one would actively choose to crawl through the metaphorical crocodile-infested swamp that is dating in your 30’s. So here starts a series of posts discussing the trialsContinue reading “Let’s talk dating”