A year in people #51 – the guy with the mini

“Hello is that Tara?” said a voice on the phone. “Yep, speaking.” I replied. “This is Jane* from the DVLA.” she said. Oh crap, I thought. What’s happened? What had I done (or not done)? I was sure I’d paid my car tax. “Errr, well, this is all a bit awkward.” she said. Jesus? WhatContinue reading “A year in people #51 – the guy with the mini”

A year in people #50 – Katie the cryer

This year on March 9th I tweeted “Laid in my van listening to a couple breaking up next door. Can’t now move as I don’t think they realise I am here”, and several follow ons as an hour or so passed. I was having a little lay down in my van at a campsite inContinue reading “A year in people #50 – Katie the cryer”

A year in people #27 – Sam 323 the Uber driver

“Good evening Tara, how are you? How’s your day been?” “Oh, err, alright thanks.” I’m not used to uber drivers chatting. I usually have my head in my phone or I’m asleep. “Do you want some biscuits? Air conditioning on? The seat moving?” Sam 323, according to his ID card, spent the next half anContinue reading “A year in people #27 – Sam 323 the Uber driver”