A weekend in Hanmer Springs

I’ve been to Hanmer Springs a fair few times now. It’s actually is one of my favourite places in the South Island. Given it’s only about 1 hour 40 minutes from Christchurch it’s an easy destination to go for a weekend, or even a day depending on how much you like driving and who’s in your car with you. There’s a plethora of different things to … Continue reading A weekend in Hanmer Springs

Cycling the Carretera Austral, Chile

It’s Christmas 2016 and I’m running full pelt through Madrid airport to catch a connecting flight that’s about to leave (I’d already missed my original one due to delays) to take me to Santiago, Chile. I eventually arrive to find my luggage didn’t make it. I’m not surprised; delays and me catching a different flight meant it was unlikely to be on the same airplane. … Continue reading Cycling the Carretera Austral, Chile

From the other side of the world: Part 2

More observations on those slight differences from down under. Swearing on the radio – in daytime hours! Oh yes, they do this. Do not be offended, it is perfectly normal to hear bugger and fuck while cruising down the road at 10am in the morning. Post trucks here are little mobility scooter things with a roof and a licence plate. They trundle along the road, … Continue reading From the other side of the world: Part 2

Training: Taper

Taper off – “to become gradually smaller or weaker, or happen less often” To taper in a sporting event capacity means a period of reduced training desired to eliminate training-induced fatigue but without losing fitness. Read more about tapering here. Basically a little rest before the big event – HURRAH! These last two weeks for me before the run are all about reducing the duration … Continue reading Training: Taper