A year in people #74 – Emma

“Tara! I need your help.” My friend Emma shouted from downstairs. “I think you need to call an ambulance.” She was staying with me after an operation in which a metal coil was put down the main (femoral) artery in her leg.  “I think something’s bleeding inside, it’s happened really quickly.” She lifted the covers... Continue Reading →

A night out…as a woman

Just in case anyone would like to know what it's like being a woman on a night out, this is an account of last Saturday night out in a bar in Wellington. I'd suggest it's not an uncommon experience for a lot of women, and one that most women might think when reading that's not that... Continue Reading →


I found a grey hair the other day. I don't think it's my first, it's just the first one I've really noticed, probably because it's near the front of my head. Last summer I looked in the mirror and saw what I thought were really blond hairs, just a few of them, and I was... Continue Reading →

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