A year in people #71 – Sue Scott

Sue started her role as Human Resources Director at Lincolnshire Police in 2005 with a massive bang. The Personnel Department she inherited was tired, outdated and not really fit for purpose, and so Sue invoked a total transformation – implementing the Ulrich model to turn Personnel into Human Resources (for non-HR peeps, the Ulrich model isContinue reading “A year in people #71 – Sue Scott”

A year in people #52 – a very angry colleague

In one of my jobs I had to work closely with a couple of people who I didn’t directly line manage, but I did workload manage. It was a strange, annoying set up – their (interim) line manager didn’t know anything about what they were doing and how their work impacted the department I workedContinue reading “A year in people #52 – a very angry colleague”

A year in people #49 – Paula

I could write about how Paula loves to sing, or how she is one of the most hilarious people I’ve met in New Zealand, or how she thinks about other people before herself, or makes great cakes, or the fact she has one of the biggest fancy dress collections I’ve ever heard about, or how,Continue reading “A year in people #49 – Paula”

A year in people #48 – Dad

I think about people who have sacrificed their passion or dreams to get a ‘safe’ job because they now have a child. I get it, I get having security is important. But what about passion? I was lucky enough that all my life I knew what my Dad did for a living was his passionContinue reading “A year in people #48 – Dad”

A year in people #43 – Charley Farley

Charley was this super glamorous chick at work in the HR department. Oval face, big eyes, full lips – pretty as hell, and one of those girls who seem to glide around rather than walk. You know what I mean right? I remember she had impossibly shiny hair too, all swishy. She was so effortlesslyContinue reading “A year in people #43 – Charley Farley”