A year in people #18 – the man who broke my heart (a little bit)

I was infatuated. My god I’d never felt lust like it, you could literally make me go weak at the knees. I don’t know exactly why, I couldn’t pinpoint any particular thing, you just had an effect on me that I’d never felt before, and haven’t quite felt since. We spent months growing close. Friends,Continue reading “A year in people #18 – the man who broke my heart (a little bit)”

A year in people #17 – the man whose heart I broke

I’m sorry. I know I broke your heart. Would it matter if I said I didn’t mean to? I don’t think so. I knew you’d loved me for about 10 years, because you told me. At one point I’d liked you back, years before, when we were both with other people. But nothing happened, itContinue reading “A year in people #17 – the man whose heart I broke”

A year in people #16 – the boy with no name

(because I can’t remember it) I was 14 years old, on holiday in Tunisia. It was exotic, my second ever holiday abroad and I was allowed to take a friend. Of course, at that age, we thought we were So Grown Up. Just the age where we’d started to notice boys, we’d hang around theContinue reading “A year in people #16 – the boy with no name”

A year in people #13 – Sparky

Not technically a person, but pets are family, right? Sparks was my cat for pretty much most of my childhood and into adulthood. Ever since I was really little I had wanted a cat, so my parents got a little black and white one when I was probably about 5 or 6. I’d actually wantedContinue reading “A year in people #13 – Sparky”

A year in people #12 – Matt Cavill

So talking of great bosses, let me introduce Matt. One of my favourite managers (and good friend) who did more for me than he’ll ever realise at one of the most tumultuous times in my life, which I’ll never forget. The year was 2011, the month was September. I’d just told my husband I wantedContinue reading “A year in people #12 – Matt Cavill”

A year in people #6 – Laraine Wyn-Jones

My eyes darted left and right, scanning the crammed ferry lounge area for a spare seat. Seeing more people than seats, I was doubtful, until, hang on….wait….what was that? YES! A seat with no one in it. Moving as fast as I could while trying not to draw attention to myself, I threw myself intoContinue reading “A year in people #6 – Laraine Wyn-Jones”

A year in people #5 – Mr Forster

One of my GCSE subject choices was Business Studies. It sounded so grown up. I had no real idea what I wanted to do but figured it would probably come in handy in adult life in some way. At the beginning of the year we were put in groups to sit together and that’s howContinue reading “A year in people #5 – Mr Forster”

A year in people #4 – Little Will

I’d been invited to a party. A joint birthday party for a big birthday at a big house in the country up in Lincolnshire. An unlimited booze, posh food, band, no-expense-spared type of party. I wasn’t drinking. I’d had a few nights out in the weeks before, I was in the middle of ultramarathon training,Continue reading “A year in people #4 – Little Will”

A year in people

My 2019 project is going to be ‘A year in people’. Over the next 12 months I’m going to write stories about people that have touched my life in some way. There’s no real structure as to what, who or why; that’ll depend on the person and the story. I’m not committing to a certain amountContinue reading “A year in people”