A year in people #57 – Scott Watkins

You know when enough time passes and you can’t remember how you first got chatting to someone? That’s what I’m like with Scott. I *think* it was on Twitter, and then at parkrun, but it could have been the other way around.

He’s the run director/top dog/organiser person at Albert Park parkrun in Melbourne, and I met him in 2013 when I did my first ever parkrun there.

I did it a few times over the time I was there, and hung out with the post-run crowd a couple of times. He was so welcoming and friendly it was just a delight to be a part of it.

When I carried on my travels we just chatted/followed each other on Twitter for the next few years. He mainly talks about his work on there, and I’m still not entirely sure what he does. Something to do with energy, solar stuff, science and maybe chemicals. And Korea. He goes to Korea a lot. Intelligent sciencey-stuff anyway. I think he might be a Doctor of something scientific. In contrast, he clicks like on my posts which are mainly inane chit-chat, pictures of mountains and videos of cats.

When I was in Melbourne last year (or maybe earlier this year?) I got to go to parkrun again and have a catch up with Scott, his wife Joanne and some of the run crew. It felt like meeting up with an old friend, even though we’d not actually spoken for years. We had a good chat about life, travels and being over on this side of the world. He told me how parkrun had become an integral part of their life, so much so that they’d moved house to be closer to Albert Park.

A real nice, friendly and welcoming chap, you can just tell how much he loves parkrun, running in general and running fun, and how he wants to share that with every single person he meets. He’s been involved in growing and running parkrun in Australia – what a great impact, and on so many people. I hope he’s bloody proud of himself, and long may that continue.


PS. If you don’t know what parkrun is, read about it here 

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