New Zealand vs the UK

I love New Zealand.

I also love the UK.

Some people think you can’t do this, that it has to be one or the other; that living in New Zealand means dissing the UK, and this really bugs me. You can’t really compare the two. Bloody comparison is the thief of joy.

Yes, there are many things I love about New Zealand. And yes, some of them are better than the UK. But that doesn’t mean that NZ is better than the UK full stop, or that the UK is shit.

I mean, the whole Brexit thing is a total shitstorm and I’m glad I’m not there experiencing that right now, but put that aside, some of my most favourite people in the whole world are in the UK. That alone is enough, right?

The UK is bloody epic though, for so many reasons. So much difference crammed into quite a small space; a huge multicultural, historical, geographical melting pot.

Amazing architecture jostles in modern, vibey cities while incredible scenery surrounds small, quaint villages and towns. The edges of the islands drop off dramatically, crashing into the sea. Low sunlight hits rolling green fields, covering valleys in golden sparkles.

People from all walks of life live alongside each other, so many different views, outlooks, experiences and stories.

I miss it a lot. Just because I’m here doesn’t mean I don’t miss it, and just because I miss it doesn’t mean I want to go back and live there right now.

Those of you that are there – go have fun, go explore, go see stuff, go experience it, because you live in one hell of an amazing place.





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