A year in people #81 – Michelle

“Hi Michelle, sorry for the late notice but I’m going to have to cancel tonight. I split up with M yesterday and I’m not in the best state to meet I’m afraid! It’s all still a bit new and I have quite a lot to sort out. Hoping to stay in Christchurch though so hopefully we can meet up very soon, I’ll keep you posted! Sorry again x”

“Oh my god, Tara, I’m so, so sorry. If you need somewhere to stay, or just anything at all, please do say. We have a spare room ready to go, so even if you just need a few days away or something….Oh Lord, I can’t even imagine. Please, let’s meet up soon, I know we’re strangers, but I really do understand how it is being so far from support. You have options! Keep strong, you can do this! xxxx”

“Thank you so much! It was a bit of a bolt out the blue so I’m really quite shocked. Although feeling much better than I was yesterday, but it feels so much worse because of the situation and basically having my world pulled out from under me because so much relied on the relationship. I’m trying to think about one step at a time though. I have somewhere to go from Saturday so only a couple more days to get through here (it’s amicable, I’m just finding it very hard as I’m very hurt). Thanks so much, and see you soon xxx”

“Listen, you can come and stay with us till Saturday! I can come and pick you up right now, seriously. We’ll leave you alone to brood, or whatever….Please consider it.”

“Ah thank you so much. Can I see how I feel a bit later on?”

“Absolutely! The invitation remains open. Don’t feel you are stuck – you have a lifeline here. xx”

“Thank you so much, I really appreciate it xx”

“Hi Tara, just checking in. Hope you’re hanging in there. Let me know how you are, if there’s anything you need help with, whatever. I won’t badger you, just letting you know I’m around. Chin up! 🙂

I’d met Michelle once.

She was a friend of a friend of a friend back in the UK.

We were indeed strangers. I had hardly anyone here in New Zealand to turn to, and the whole break up and how it came about was pretty shitty.

A shining light in a dark tunnel <3.

People are kind.


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